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Experience has shown that there are - how could it be expected otherwise in Europe - few veterinarians in our country who specialise in old world camels.

There are, however, already several veterinarians who have astonishingly well-founded expertise in special areas.

The camel owner, however, is usually dependent on his local veterinarian, especially in the case of acute illnesses, and often cannot fall back on the few specialists quickly enough in an emergency.

The Veterinary Forum is intended to give all veterinarians the opportunity to exchange views with colleagues on medical issues.

At the same time, the forum is intended to gather knowledge about the medical treatment of camels.

Only veterinarians can register in the medical section of the forum.

When registering for the first time, proof of this must be provided.

It does not matter whether the veterinarian who wants to use the forum is a member of the Altweltkamele association or not.

There also is a section in the forum which is accesible for camel owners.

The use of the forum is free of charge. However, your donation is necessary and very welcome!