German camel transport law

If you buy a camel or you plan to travel with your camel, it is important to know about the following legal principles of animal transport:



Every camel in Germany must be chipped.

In some districts (Landkreise) it is sufficient to keep a stock book of one's own animals, in others every camel entering or leaving the district must be registered with the veterinary office. You have to find out which regulation apply to you by asking your responsible official veterinarian.

The Animal Welfare Act stipulates that camels may be transported for a maximum of eight hours at a time. After eight hours, there must be a break during which the animals are unloaded.

When transporting camels commercially, you need a transport certificate that authorises you to transport camels. This certificate can be obtained from the competent veterinary office or from some camel farms.
In addition, You need a transport certificate for commercial transport, on which the address of the buyer and that of the seller, the transport duration, the transport vehicle, an emergency contact, as well as the next watering and feeding time are noted.

Camel transport within the EU

When travelling and selling abroad, the camel needs TRACES, as the export papers are called. These papers accompany the animal during the entire journey.
The traces are applied for at the responsible official veterinarian and include a general health certificate and proof that the animal is free of disease.

Each country has different requirements as to which diseases must be tested for before entry. Check with the official veterinarian of the destination for the respective regulations. Usually, the animal must be verifiably free of brucellosis and tuberculosis. In the case of TB, the entire herd may have to be tested.

Transport to third countries

If the camel is to be transported to third countries (e.g. Switzerland), there is also a quarantine obligation.

Customs also need a purchase contract or a deed of gift to determine the value of the animal.