European Herd Book for Dromedaries and Bactrian Camels


To maintain healthy animals, it is important to preserve genetic diversity and to avoid inbreeding.

Due to import restrictions, it is currently difficult or impossible to introduce foreign camels into the european camel population.

By recording the ancestry of our animals we can avoid the mating of closely related animals:

Since 2009, we have been recording pedigrees of animals from participating camel owners. Currently the first animals are being born, with three generations already documented. The association can therefore issue pedigrees for the first time at the request of the camel owner.

In 2016, the association has acquired a stud book software which enables each owner to have his own access to the management of his animals.

An animal is registered by name and chip number. In addition, the software is well suited for keeping the medical records and other individual files of the animals clearly arranged in the own private online area.

A breeder has full reading and writing access to his own animals and additionally reading access to all registered animals, whereby he can neither view the medical records nor the owners of other animals.

Our stud book is suitable for checking kinship relations of your own animals to other animals, which is of great importance for the decision to buy animals for breeding.